We have several short videos that you can review right now:

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How to handle collection agency on phone
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How to fight back against collection agencies
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Collection agency harassment defense

If you have been contacted by a debt collection agency, here are our best tips in addition to the ones that we give you in the above videos:

1. Create a written log of dates and times that you are contacted by the debt collection agent and note any abusive language or behavior by the debt collector. In every conversation with a debt collector:


Immediately send a Cease and Desist Letter

2. Immediately send a Cease and Desist Letter to the collector telling him or her not to contact you anymore. We have attached a sample Cease and Desist Letter that you may use. Do not get fancy with your language or offensive with your attitude. Simply ask the agency and/or the collection agent to stop calling you and then they must do so. If they fail to do so, we can sue them for your damages.


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