Bad Debt Collection info floating around the 'Net Archives | Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers

Beware of wannabe lawyers that wanna give you bad advice

From time to time, I get emails from these yo-yo wanna be lawyers. They want to discuss the law with me. I am not adverse to having intelligent conversations with people. But this is a different breed of people that … Continue reading

Beware of Julio and his book How to Legally Beat Debt Collectors.

Every so often an article relating to some self proclaimed expert in debt collection cross my desk. This morning it was Julio Martinez-Clark, who has written a book entitled How to Legally Beat Debt Collectors. He is putting out some … Continue reading

Charged off debt is still YOUR debt

OK. I just saw this Youtube entry from some backwater redneck in a polyester suit. He was advising people that collection attorneys (referred to as bottom feeders) cannot collect debt that was charged off by a bank or credit union … Continue reading


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