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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes New Rules to Combat Improper Debt Collection

Recent reporting by The Hill reveals that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has proposed new changes to the ways that debt collectors may contact consumers. The proposed rule changes also limit litigation that Debt Collectors may initiate as well … Continue reading

Can Zombie Debt be killed once and for all?

Many Americans struggle to pay their bills and are forced to endure debt collector harassment on legitimate debt that by law are considered legitimate. However, what can be even worse, is that some creditors seek to enforce “Zombie Debt”, a … Continue reading

Can I still be garnished during this COVID-19 outbreak?

can zombie debt be killed

Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has brought life to a standstill for most Americans as the economy has ground to a halt, debt collectors continue to pursue wage garnishments against vulnerable Americans. Recent reporting by the Guardian reveals how far … Continue reading


Debt Collector

Equity Experts and its sleazy practices Equity Experts is a collection agency that focuses on collecting for condominium and homeowner associations.  As a debt collector, its practices, in my opinion, fall far short of what a decent debt collector’s practices … Continue reading

How to stop the debt collector – Grinch from contacting you during the holiday.


Picture this:  A beautiful Christmas Eve with your family, a fire in the fireplace and Uncle Henry (everyone has one), doing his best to behave himself. Your home phone rings and it’s a debt collector.  Or, you might be spinning … Continue reading


Frustrated Man

Mr. Urbanski has filed a complaint in the US District Court for Middle District of Florida alleging that Enhanced Recovery has called him approximately 150 times on his cellphone.  If Enhanced Recovery did not have Urbanski’ s permission to call … Continue reading

The FTC had a busy 2014 nailing abusive debt collectors.

Gary Nitzkin, Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyer

Since the inception of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), I had expected the Federal Trade Commission to put its proverbial feet up on its desk and collect is federal funds.  After all, the FTC unloaded a lot of the … Continue reading

The FTC’s List of Banned Debt Collectors

Debt Collector on Phone

I thought this was really interesting.  TheFederal Trade Commission keeps a list of Banned Debt collectors.  You can click on links and see the pleadings in each such banned debt collectors case. Today, I learned that one banned debt collector, … Continue reading

How to Sue a Debt Collector

Gary Nitzkin, Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyer

Debt collectors often use unsavory tactics to try to strong-arm debtors into making payments. When there is no money available to make payments, debtors who are being harassed by collectors may be continuously called at home, work or even at … Continue reading

FTC sues Payday Loan Company for selling consumer’s personal information.

Gary Nitzkin, Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyer

We don’t hide our utter contempt for Payday Loan Companies.  At Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, we think they are scum.  They charge interest rates that no one, who didn’t absolutely need the cash would pay, often in the triple digits.  … Continue reading

Payday Lender Gets Slapped with $760K Fine by MN Attorney General

Payday Loan Window

  Every day we receive calls in our office by frantic people that have been caught in payday loan land. It all starts with a short term loan that you anticipate paying back on payday. But what most people don’t … Continue reading

Scam Debt Collection Calls Rising


With all of the holiday spending becoming a distant memory, it can be hard for consumers to keep accurate records about finances. Sleazy fake debt collectors are taking advantage of this vulnerability and using it to their advantage. The Consumer … Continue reading

Debt Collectors are Crushing Consumers

Person getting crushed

The financial crisis that began 5 years ago hurt a lot of Americans, as millions lost their jobs and homes. As consumers fell behind on their credit cards and other debts, the debt collection industry boomed. In fact, the past … Continue reading

6 Years of Harassing Debt Collector Calls – To the Wrong Guy


One of the major complaints filed against debt collectors is that they are contacting the wrong person. This is especially true for people who have common names. But for Doug Dansie, this case of mistaken identity has turned into 6 … Continue reading

Van Nuys Debt Collector to Pay $1.1 Million Fine to Settle Charges of Bullying Consumers

Debt Collector on Phone

The Federal Trade Commission continues its crackdown on abusive debt collectors with its latest million dollar victory over a Van Nuys debt collection operation, alleging they bullied consumers and deceived them about fees. The deal stems from a 2011 case … Continue reading

Your New Facebook Friend in the bikini? She may be an Undercover Debt Collector

Girl with gun

The newest tactic of sleazy debt collectors involves trickery, deception and pictures of hot bikini babes. Welcome to the world of undercover debt collection, where debt collectors pose as hot young girls in bikinis to get you to friend them. … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Payday Loans

Payday Loan Window

Many Americans today are suffering from the financial recession. After years of unreliable job markets, economic instability and dwindling savings accounts, some families are turning to unconventional options to make ends meet. Introducing payday loans. At first glance, they can … Continue reading

Debt Settlement Company Fined $3.3 Million for Deceiving Consumers


You’ve heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” This was a catchphrase used by the Better Business Bureau to alert the public to shady business practices. And it definitely applies to the most … Continue reading

Consumer Wins Against Stale Debt Collection Lawsuit

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law designed to protect consumers in the field of debt collection. One of its provisions deals with lawsuits and the age of debt. The FDCPA prohibits a debt collector from … Continue reading

NY Attorney General Defeats Sleazy Debt Collectors, Shuts Down Company

Earlier this year, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman claimed a massive victory for consumers by prosecuting two shifty debt collectors in the State of NY. The companies used business names that made it sound as if they were law … Continue reading

Payday Lender CashCall Fined $13 Million for Violating Consumer Rights Under FDCPA

Attorney Generals are cracking down on the shady payday loan industry and winning big. Most recently, the payday loan company CashCall, Inc., after being investigated and sued by the West Virginia Attorney General, was penalized more than $13 million over … Continue reading

Debt Collector Abuse on the Rise

Americans are generally good at living on credit. Between car loans, mortgages and credit cards, millions of Americans live daily on the financial edge, with significant debt. And some of us can’t pay on time, due to job losses, medical … Continue reading

Payday Loans…..mostly collection scams

Far and away, the largest volume of calls that I get from frantic consumers is for payday loan collectors. In the hundreds of phone calls that I have received from frantic consumers, I can count on one hand the number … Continue reading

So just how Low did Accretive Health Collections go to collect money from people?

Accretive Health Care is the collection agency that has been all over the papers lately. They placed debt collectors in hospitals to collect money from consumers. You think that is low? Just wait. The Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson just … Continue reading

You Are Not Alone: 1 in 7 People Pursued by Debt Collectors

The Bad News: A new report outlines the number of people being pursued by debt collectors is now 1 in 7 (This is double what it was in 2000, which was 1 in 14*). Many people faced with harassing debt … Continue reading

Beware of phony debt collectors

Phony debt collectors abound today. My office deals with at least a half dozen inquiries from people who have been contacted by these sleazy operators. Frequently, these fake debt collectors are employed by payday loan companies. They are usually located … Continue reading

FTC Shuts Down abusive and deceptive debt collector

The Federal Trade Commission recently shut down a bad collection called Rumson, Bolling & Associates and banned two of its owners from the industry. This collection agency violated consumers’ rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) by threatening … Continue reading

Debt collector abuse results in $1.5 million verdict for consumer.

As a consumer rights attorney, I am frequently challenged by the number of people who think that they alone have been harassed by debt collectors. I think it would be fair to say that debt collection harassment is at epidemic … Continue reading

Debt Collector dumb enough to leave you a message? Sue him!

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a debt collector must identify himself as as such and further inform the consumer that the communication is from a debt collector. Interestingly, the FDCPA prohibits a debt collector from disclosing the debt … Continue reading

South Dakota AG finally gets the word about Payday loan collection scams.

By far, we get the most inquiries about these bogus payday loan collection agencies. We, at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, are consumer advocates. We represent people who are abused by debt collectors. Many of these Payday Loan collection companies are … Continue reading

How to fight back against Payday Loan collectors.

Payday loan companies tempt the most necessitous borrowers with quick money. It appears to be quite easy to fill out an application on line and get your money in short order. Here is what you don’t but should know about … Continue reading

West Asset Management spanked by the FTC for violating consumer rights

FTC issues $2.3 fine against debt collection agency for violating consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Are you one such victim? Continue reading

Collection agencies representing the movie houses ARE governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

In response to my last blog post about a certain collection agency that is pursuing individuals who “pirate” movies, I received the below email from one such victim of that collection agency. You see, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act … Continue reading

25 Most Common Violations of your rights by Debt Collectors

We have sued a fair number of debt collectors, debt collection agencies and debt buyers for violating our clients’ rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). While the list of debt collectors that we have sued continues to … Continue reading

If you dont know you owe it, DON’T PAY IT…

From the place called “Consumer Abuse by crooked debt collectors” comes a story about a guy who ran his collection agency from the comfort of his jail cell. Related posts: So just how Low did Accretive Health Collections go to … Continue reading

Beware of scam "debt collectors" working for Payday Loan companies

The ugly threats This week is the second time that I received a telephone call from someone who had obtained a Payday loan, defaulted and the was illegally threatened by an anonymous collection agency. This agency threatened the people with … Continue reading

Ohio Attorney General settles with Collection Agency, National Enterprise Systems

Collection agencies breaking the law is not as rare an incident as say, a blue moon. Indeed, it happens quite often. For instance, National Enterprise Systems recently settled with the Ohio Attorney General’s office. NES will end up paying $207,500 … Continue reading

Collection agency posing as prosecuting attorney gets caught and pays $2.55 million

Some states have a bad check diversion program that is designed to facilitate the payment of bad checks to merchant victims. These programs usually involve a district attorney and sometimes even, a private collection agency. The idea behind these programs … Continue reading

OMG….you just can’t make this stuff up

According to an article in the Associated Press, New York authorities shut down a collection agency for threatening consumers with jail if they did not pay. Did this agency ever hear of the FDCPA? Probably not since it was owned … Continue reading

New tales of outrageous debt collectors actions…soon to be classics

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace have offered us new opportunities to reach out and communicate with one another. For the less scrupulous collection agencies, it has offered many other possibilities. Consider the the case of JP Morgan … Continue reading

When collectors exert too much pressure….

I was shocked and saddened to read about a story of an individual who received so many dunning notices and collection calls from a New Jersey Rent-a-Center, that he walked into the store and set himself on fire. As a … Continue reading

Collection agencies…going from bad to worse

I usually don’t blog about current litigation for a number of reasons. Suffice it to say that this case that I am blogging about below is interesting enough to share with you. Moreover, I want you to know that collection … Continue reading


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