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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes New Rules to Combat Improper Debt Collection

Recent reporting by The Hill reveals that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has proposed new changes to the ways that debt collectors may contact consumers. The proposed rule changes also limit litigation that Debt Collectors may initiate as well … Continue reading

The FTC’s List of Banned Debt Collectors

Debt Collector on Phone

I thought this was really interesting.  TheFederal Trade Commission keeps a list of Banned Debt collectors.  You can click on links and see the pleadings in each such banned debt collectors case. Today, I learned that one banned debt collector, … Continue reading

Consumer Wins Against Stale Debt Collection Lawsuit

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law designed to protect consumers in the field of debt collection. One of its provisions deals with lawsuits and the age of debt. The FDCPA prohibits a debt collector from … Continue reading

Payday Lender CashCall Fined $13 Million for Violating Consumer Rights Under FDCPA

Attorney Generals are cracking down on the shady payday loan industry and winning big. Most recently, the payday loan company CashCall, Inc., after being investigated and sued by the West Virginia Attorney General, was penalized more than $13 million over … Continue reading

Student Loan Debt Collector Earns $454,000 – Rich Rewards for Student Loan Debt Collector

In June of 2012, the news organizations were all talking about a student loan debt collector who made $454,000 in one year by collecting defaulted student loans. His name is Joshua Mandelman and he works for a specific type of … Continue reading

Widow Sues “Death Debt Collector” for collection harassment

A recent case by a Wisconsin woman highlights the unbelievable depths to which some debt collectors will sink. They are called “Death Debt Collectors”. The Milwaukee woman is suing Capital One and its lawyers, Phillips & Cohen Associates for pursuing … Continue reading

Beware of phony debt collectors

Phony debt collectors abound today. My office deals with at least a half dozen inquiries from people who have been contacted by these sleazy operators. Frequently, these fake debt collectors are employed by payday loan companies. They are usually located … Continue reading

Always think about emotional damages under the FDCPA when discussing your case

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a consumer may recover two types of damages; Actual damages and statutory damages of “up to $1,000.” In many of the cases that we handle, most consumers are only able to obtain statutory … Continue reading

Oregon Attorney loses law license for violating consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

A Eugene, OR attorney recently surrendered his law license in connection with a settlement he entered into with the Oregon State Attorney General. Derric McGavic specialized in representing national debt collectors that buy defaulted consumer obligations in massive quantities on … Continue reading

Consumers deceived and bullied into paying debt

Erie lawyer Larry D’Ambrosio is accused of orchestrating false hearings hearings held in the mock courtroom to deceive and bully debtors into paying debts. He, along with a collection agency called Unicredit America, Inc. allegedly set up a fake court … Continue reading

Even Law Firms are not immune to the promising results that they cannot deliver

Look, just because its a law firm or a group of lawyers, does not mean that they will not promise you something that it cannot deliver. Personally, I believe that promising results that are not realistic does a great disservice … Continue reading

Alabama A.G. wrongfully shuts down attorney who restructured debts for consumers to banks’ chagrin

The Alabama Attorney General shut down Keith Nalms’ law practice known as Allegro Law. Mr. Nalms, according to the lawsuit filed by the Alabama AG: The State’s civil complaint alleges that Allegro promoted a risky practice known as debt settlement, … Continue reading


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