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Statute of Limitations on Debt in Michigan

In Michigan, there is a statute of limitations on debt. For some reason, many debt collectors either conveniently forget this fact, or they knowingly pursue old debt illegally. In either case, you have rights. The Official Statute of Limitations on … Continue reading

What you need to know when dealing with a debt collector

What Debt Collector’s Won’t Tell You The less you know your rights, the greater a debt collector’s advantage is over you. A recent article on MSN Money by Gerri Detweiler of outlines the most common omissions of debt collectors. … Continue reading

Debt Doesn’t Have to Be Forever: Knowing the Statute of Limitations on Debts

Due to a shrinking economy and a lack of jobs, many families are finding that bills they once handled easily are now out of control. Some of these debts land on credit reports, affecting credit scores and pushing down credit … Continue reading

Facebook users can have their identities stolen

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. It has been made far easier by our digital age. This morning, I saw an article about identity theft using Facebook. In that article, the author discussed … Continue reading

Getting sued for debt? Don’t sweat it; you’ve got rights.

So you’re getting sued for a credit card debt or some such consumer debt. The process server, a big ugly guy with an obnoxious grin that you want to beat into submission just served with you a summons and complaint. … Continue reading

Consumer complaints about debt collectors are rising

The debt collection industry has never been busier than it has in the past few years. Whether they are actually making money is a different story. However, CBS news reports that the number of consumers complaining about debt collector abuse … Continue reading

Credit Repair Companies – Do they really have the goods to help?

There is a great article in today’s Wall Street Journal that talks about credit repair companies. While the industry is rife with charlatans, I have come across some credit repair companies that are quite legitimate. For example, I have recently … Continue reading

Your wages can get garnished for a student loan…without a judgment

I was very surprised to learn from opposing counsel today that my client’s wages for her allegedly delinquent student loan can be garnished…all without a judgment. Yep. Thats right. At first, I thought my opposing counsel was from Mars. After … Continue reading

They have a judgment against me…what can I do now?

I just read a similiar blog post at Fix My Credit Report Freez where the debtor states: “What options do I have once a collection has gone to court? The attorney representing the credit card company did not provide me … Continue reading


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