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Equity Experts and its sleazy practices Equity Experts is a collection agency that focuses on collecting for condominium and homeowner associations.  As a debt collector, its practices, in my opinion, fall far short of what a decent debt collector’s practices … Continue reading

Scam Debt Collection Calls Rising


With all of the holiday spending becoming a distant memory, it can be hard for consumers to keep accurate records about finances. Sleazy fake debt collectors are taking advantage of this vulnerability and using it to their advantage. The Consumer … Continue reading

When visiting the hospital, beware of the guy in the lab coat. He may be a debt collector.

Related posts: Accretive Health fined $2.5 Million for abusive collection practices Accretive Health has been in the news for months now regarding their abusive and illegal debt collection practices in hospitals… Sen. Franken’s proposed changes to the Fair Debt Collection … Continue reading

Debt Collector dumb enough to leave you a message? Sue him!

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a debt collector must identify himself as as such and further inform the consumer that the communication is from a debt collector. Interestingly, the FDCPA prohibits a debt collector from disclosing the debt … Continue reading

Always think about emotional damages under the FDCPA when discussing your case

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a consumer may recover two types of damages; Actual damages and statutory damages of “up to $1,000.” In many of the cases that we handle, most consumers are only able to obtain statutory … Continue reading

Beware of this collector trick – credit card co signer vs. authorized user

If you owe money on a credit card that has been turned over to a collection agency, chances are excellent that the collection agency is not only pursuing you but any authorized user. Be careful about this and know the … Continue reading

Be careful of bad blog advise about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations

I follow a number of blogs. There is a great deal of good information on the web that keeps me current about the state of the law. Unfortunately, there are also a number of quacks that spew baseless information with … Continue reading

Got credit card debt???… is how to manage it YOUR WAY…

Here is a post that is going to win me absolutely no friends with the credit card industry or even my colleagues. But what the hell…here it goes. Are you delinquent with your credit card debt? Is the credit card … Continue reading


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