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Debt Collectors And Credit Thugs That You Should Be Well Aware Of

  1. Equity Experts a/k/a – they make the top of our list.

    Who they are: They are allegedly a property management company. They manage properties for condominium association. They hold themselves out as “Association Collection Specialists.”

    What they do that really pisses us off: They add hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars in “late fees” and penalties when a condo owner is late with her homeowners’ association dues. These late fees and penalties are neither authorized by law nor by the condominium by laws. Equity Experts are cowboys that like to lasso large piles of money to which they are not entitled.

    How to deal with them. If your condominium association is managed by Equity Experts, look at your monthly bill. If you get a demand letter from Equity Experts, contact us. I will be happy to look at it for you and tell you your rights.

  2. Xerox Educational Services

    Who they are: Xerox services student loans for other banks.

    What they do that really pisses us off: They place trade lines on people’s credit reports. However, when people dispute the accuracy of these trade lines, they do NOT investigate. Rather, they defer to their client/lender to conduct that investigation. This violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When a company places a trade line on your credit report, you have a right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of that trade line. Once you do, the company is obligated to conduct a reasonable investigation. Xerox performs NO such investigation.

    How to deal with them: If you have a trade line from Xerox that is incorrect and they bounce your dispute, call us. We will be happy to go after them to fix your credit report.

  3. Experian

    Who they are: One of the world’s largest credit reporting agencies. They report information about individuals to

    What they do that really pisses us off: Where do we start? Of the three credit reporting agencies, they are, by far, the most difficult to deal with in resolving consumer issues. They are the most resistant to remove mistakes and errors off of people’s credit reports.

    They have a policy that they will not respond to dispute letters that come from credit repair companies. Their completely anti-consumer policy would force consumers to write their own dispute letters and guess as to what they can dispute. Shees….if you need your taxes done, you can see an accountant, right? Have health issues, see a doctor, OK. Have credit issues? Experian would have you go jump in a lake before they will deal with any third party who helps a consumer with a dispute letter.

    How to deal with them: If you have items or mistakes on your credit report that Experian will not remove, call us and we will gleefully sue them to make your credit report accurate. Our lawsuits do not cost you a dime because in the end, we make Experian pay our fees and costs and pay you damages.

I plan on keeping this list current with debt collectors, creditors, and others who trample your rights as a consumer. You shine a light and cockroaches will scurry. If you have any issues with any of these companies, call me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at (248) 353-2882 or email me at at [email protected]

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