Experian Suspicious Dispute Letters

Has Experian Refused to Investigate your Dispute?

Recently, Experian has refused to investigate many consumer disputes by responding with a letter stating in part “We received a suspicious request…..” In many instances, this is illegal and violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The letter looks like this:

Experian Suspicious Request Letter_Redacted

Under the law, Experian is obligated to investigate items disputed by a consumer. Under very limited circumstances, it may legally refuse to investigate if the dispute is frivolous. The problem is that Experian is declining to investigate many valid dispute letters.

Here is a short video that explains your rights if you get a “Suspicious Dispute Letter” from Experian.

We have successfully sued Experian and made them investigate these disputes and pay damages to our clients.

Why is Experian Bouncing these Disputes?

Experian is tired of receiving bogus and silly disputes from credit repair companies. Many of these companies issue good dispute letters that posit valid challenges to inaccurate trade lines. Other credit repair companies…well…not so much. Dispute letters that contain the following language are most likely to get bounced:

  • I dispute everything negative on my credit report…please investigate;
  • I demand you verify each and every trade line;
  • Provide with me copies of documents that I signed to show that this account is mine;
  • I don’t remember filing for bankruptcy; can you please investigate this item;

The list goes on and on.

What should you do if your dispute letter has been deemed a “suspicious Request?”

If you received a “suspicious request” letter from Experian, we may be able to help. Just send us:

  • a copy of the dispute letter that you sent to Experian
  • a copy of the Suspicious Dispute response letter

We will review the dispute letter to see if it’s frivolous or not. If we believe that your dispute letter is good, we will be happy to sue Experian to make them conduct the reinvestigation and we will get you monetary damages. We have successfully sued them many times for sending these Suspicious Dispute Request letters.

If you received a suspicious dispute letter from Experian,
call us at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers at (248) 353-2882 or email Attorney Gary Nitzkin at gary@micreditlawyer.comThe consult is free and the advice is priceless.

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