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The Illusion of Home Mortgage Modification

I just read an interesting article in the Michigan Lawyers Weekly of November 22, 2010 by Syvia Hsieh. Homeowners are now suing banks, in class actions, to force the banks into giving loan modifications. The suits allege that the banks … Continue reading

Need a Loan Modification? Get your docs together!

If you need a loan modification, you will have to prove that you qualify for one. There is an excellent article in today’s USA Today that talks about the requirements that many lenders are asking of borrowers in connection with … Continue reading

Michigan’s new Mortgage Foreclosure Law can be a great help

Michigan’s new foreclosure law becomes effective on July 5, 2009. I think it will be a great help to home owners who are facing foreclosure. While there are other programs at the federal level, the items contained in the new … Continue reading

Do it yourself resources to save your home from foreclosure

I tip my hat to Ms. Michelle McLean, an associate with the law firm of Klyczynski, Girtz and Vogelzang in Grand Rapids. Ms. McLean is a lawyer who wrote a great article about resources available to consumers who face foreclosure, … Continue reading

If you are in foreclosure, you need an exit strategy.

I am working with a few clients that are suffering through a mortgage foreclosure. As soon as they received the sheriff’s notice, I sat with them to discuss their options. In both cases, we put together an exit strategy that … Continue reading

Zen and the art of skipping that next mortgage payment…

I debated long and hard about even writing this blog post, but lets face it. There is a white elephant in the middle of many peoples’ homes and lives. Many people are facing down a foreclosure and discover that they … Continue reading

Ideas to defend against foreclosure

I am personally sickened by the number of foreclosures that we are experiencing in Michigan. While mortgage foreclosure is at epidemic levels throughout our state, I have decided to do something about it. I may only be one man and … Continue reading


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