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They have a judgment against me…what can I do now?

I just read a similiar blog post at Fix My Credit Report Freez where the debtor states: “What options do I have once a collection has gone to court? The attorney representing the credit card company did not provide me … Continue reading

Your credit report needs an annual check up

I just read an excellent article by Elizabeth Fisher entitled You Have a Right to Dispute Your Credit Report. It is a quick and highly informative read. Ms. Fisher notes that her credit bureau contained a pile inaccuracies that painted … Continue reading

Charged off debt is still YOUR debt

OK. I just saw this Youtube entry from some backwater redneck in a polyester suit. He was advising people that collection attorneys (referred to as bottom feeders) cannot collect debt that was charged off by a bank or credit union … Continue reading

The limits of the FDCPA

I follow a number of blogs and read a large number of articles about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Many of these authors tout the FDCPA as magic bullet with which a debtor can bully a collection agency. While … Continue reading

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