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The FTC’s List of Banned Debt Collectors

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I thought this was really interesting.  TheFederal Trade Commission keeps a list of Banned Debt collectors.  You can click on links and see the pleadings in each such banned debt collectors case.

Today, I learned that one banned debt collector, Sanders Law, P.A. actually worked with payday loan scum and their off shore vermin.  The FTC was able to stop Sanders Law and its owners and cohorts from wrongfully tormenting people who did not even owe any debt.

I encourage everyone to look at this list to see if any debt collectors that have made this list, have had any other contact with the public.  If they have, you should let the FTC know.

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We are the largest filer of FDCPA and FCRA lawsuits in Michigan

We are the largest filer of FDCPA and FCRA lawsuits in Michigan


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