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We help our Soldiers and Sailors – for free

As consumer rights attorneys, sadly, we have seen debt collectors, creditors and landlords harass and abuse the defenders of our country and our personal and individual freedom. While we understand the need for creditors to collect their debts, we don’t understand nor tolerate the abuse they inflict on our military personnel.

On their behalf, we have declared war against debt collectors, creditors, landlords and anyone else that harasses or abuses our military. While we don’t normally do defense work, we will provide a legal defense to our Michigan based military personnel and do our best to go on the offensive using the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act. We are only licensed in Michigan and hence, we cannot go outside of our jurisdiction. But, if you are not in Michigan, call us anyway. Let us see if we can find an attorney in your state that is as passionate about protecting you as we are.

At Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, we are honored to fight on behalf of those who fight for us. While the risks we face are not nearly as grave as those faced by our protectors, we nevertheless, enter this fray with pride, vigor, and gratitude.

Attention Military Personnel- We will help you for free

If you have been harassed or abused by a creditor or debt collector in Michigan, call me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers. Please let us help you for free. We thank you for your service to our wonderful country and want to return the favor if in at least, some small way. Call me at (248) 353-2882 or email me at [email protected].


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